Off Road Trailer Camper


Imagine, if you will, a young woman in her late twenties, on the road with her child. This woman is on her way to work and is barely half way their. She’s not on the highway, but she is on the edge of town. She’s trying to think of a way to juggle her kid and her job as she drives while her little babe sleeps soundly.
It’s in the early morning hours around 7:00 A. M. or so and she’s starts feeling her morning hunger. She knows her babe will wake up soon, but hopes she can get there on time before he does wake. She gets just over half way there and POP!! A tire went out as now her car is scraping the road.
She pulls to the side and controls her emotions for a minute or so before she can think way out of this predicament. She knows she has no spare and knows nobody that could come get her. She whips out her phone and looks for a good towing service.
It took less than five seconds for phone to show on the top of the page. She looks at the site for a number to quickly call not caring or noticing she only has her credit card on her. She starts calling and a voice answers. “Hello, this is Beth. May I ask what your name and situation is?”

They have a brief conversation and Beth closes the conversation with, “I’m glad to hear that was the first to pop up. I hope all will be well. Have a nice day mam.” The woman felt grateful knowing someone was shortly on their way.
Just as the website had promised, a man in a towing truck came by less than 30 minutes after her call. He got out and looked at her with an apathetic grin and told her no worries. He dismantled the tire for her car and put a new one on in just a few short minutes. He even gave her a spare for next time and gave her instructions on how to do it herself.
He felt accomplished and asked if he could do her any other service. She looks to notice she has no cash on hand.
The man, with a sincere reply says, ” There’s no need to worry. We’ll take care of it later. Just get yourself to work safely please.” With that she drove off grateful for the quick and helpful service he had to offer.

Water leaking from kitchen ceiling

It is actually fairly common to notice water leaking from kitchen ceiling, but it can make any homeowner quite nervous. The truth is that there are a few reasons why you might have this problem, but the issues can be resolved once the cause is determined. There are companies expertise in this area as Clearway Restoration.

A One Story Home

If water is leaking from the kitchen ceiling in a one story home, the problem is probably on the exterior of the house. The homeowner should go outside to check the gutters to see if there is a blockage. If the gutters are blocked, the rain water could be leaking inside the house. If the gutters are clear, the homeowner should use a ladder to access and inspect the roof. Water on the kitchen ceiling could be coming from a hole or bad spot on the roof. The roof may be need to be repaired, replaced or patched to stop the water from entering the house.

A Busted Pipe

The reason water is leaking from the kitchen ceiling could be a busted or leaky pipe in a two story home. This is especially true if there is a second floor bathroom directly above the kitchen. A homeowner will have to check the pipes leading from the sink, tub, toilet and shower to see if there are problems. If the leaky or busted pipe is not in plain sight, the homeowner might have to knock down a few walls to find the problem. Once the leaky or busted pipe is found and repaired, the walls will have to be rebuilt and painted to match the rest of the room. If the problem is too big for the homeowner to fix himself, it is also a good idea to hire a plumber and a contractor to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

now-three-water-stains-on-drop-ceiling-tileFixing the Ceiling

After the problem causing the water damage is fixed, there is still work to do. The wet kitchen ceiling will need to be repaired, so it is dry and matches the rest of the ceiling in the room. This might mean that new drywall needs to be installed or the hole needs to be patched. The new patch on the ceiling will also have to be painted as well.

Never wait to fix a water problem on the kitchen ceiling because it could get worse. A small problem could bet much bigger and more expensive to fix.

Garage door repair

Chances are that you don’t even realize how important a properly function garage door is until you find you are experiencing trouble with it. There are several components that make up the garage door, and when one of these parts is not working correctly, the garage door can actually become very dangerous to be near. Here are just some of the reasons to have your local garage door repair technicians maintain and repair those concerns sooner than later┬áby calling to Cincinnati Locksmith.
A properly functioning garage door will be level to the ground once it has completely closed. When it is flush with the ground, it protects the inside of your home from the harsh elements outside as well as pests and rodents. Mice and rats only need an opening the size of a dime to gain access to your garage and home, and once inside can really cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home. Your local garage door repair specialist will adjust the rollers and the track to make sure the door glides easily and closes securely.

All recently manufactured garage doors will come with motion detectors that stop the door from closing in the event an obstruction is in the path of the closing door. If these sensors are not working properly or have been moved, the door will not stop and could crush your vehicle or severely injure a child stuck in the path. The sensors need to be adjusted so that they are able to detect an obstacle and stop the door immediately in its place.

One of the reasons the garage door makes life so easy for homeowners is because you can open the door from the comfort of your vehicle and never have to be exposed the severe weather conditions outside. When the remote access is not functioning properly on the garage door motor, the door simply will not open on command any longer. In addition to the remote sensor in the garage door motor, there are several moving parts that make certain the door opens and closes at the push of a button.

It is important to have your local garage door repair team do an inspection at the first sign of trouble so they can make any necessary repairs in a timely manner. They have the experience to be able to spot small problems ling before they become emergencies and wind up costly you much more money.