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Body Quest Ice Cream

Founder: Douglas Wiggins

Facebook P.O. Box 6966, Atlanta, GA

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Body Quest Ice Cream is a protein-enriched ice cream ideal for anyone who wants to eat sensibly but not abstain entirely from dessert treats. It’s also widely used by medical establishments to give their patients a more healthy alternative to traditional high-fat, high-sugar ice cream.

HOW MENTORING WILL HELP: “Networking, networking, networking! We have beaten all the big players in the industry to this concept, so it’s now a matter of partnering up to launch a marketing and sales campaign that cements the Body Quest brand in the U.S.”

HOW $10,000 WILL HELP: “We’ll use it for sales and marketing, some point-of-sale efforts and also put some toward production.”


YOU RARELY SEE “ice cream” and “healthy” in the same sentence, unless that sentence is “If you want to be healthy, don’t eat too much ice cream.” But in the case of Douglas Wiggins’s company, Body Quest Ice Cream, the sweet treat has a lot to recommend it — so much so, in fact, that his frozen dessert is the protein supplement of choice in numerous medical facilities around Atlanta (Body Quest’s former headquarters) and beyond.

Each four-ounce serving of Body Quest (available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and lemon) is packed with 16 grams of easily digestible whey protein — ideal for hospital patients in need of a protein supplement, athletes or any health-conscious consumer looking for a snack that offers more than a candy bar or a carton of Ben & Jerry’s.

You might say that ice cream runs in Wiggins’s veins; his uncle, Henry, ran Hank’s Ice Cream in Houston for 25 years. In the early 1990s, Wiggins — who grew up in Amherst, New York, and graduated with a degree in environmental engineering from Syracuse — moved to Houston to learn the trade, later opening a Hank’s outpost in Atlanta. In 2003, he founded Body Quest.

These days, the business is anything but frozen in place. In October 2011, Body Quest was acquired by Charlotte, North Carolina–based Lindy’s Homemade, a move that Wiggins says “has increased manufacturing capability and market distribution” significantly. The reason for his success is vanilla-simple, he says: It has everything to do with broad appeal.

“Body Quest is used by bodybuilders, athletes and people with medical conditions: chemotherapy patients, dialysis patients, AIDS patients, burn victims, maternity, stroke, assisted living, dental and pediatric,” he says. “Additionally, consumers who want a healthier alternative with more protein and lower sugar enjoy our product.”

Kids, adults, the sick, the healthy: Just about everyone loves ice cream. And Wiggins has made it easier than ever for all of them to enjoy it guilt-free. It’s a delectable confection — and a sweet business model. •