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Creative Turkey Cuisine

Creative Turkey Cuisine

Founder: Shay Atkins

430 East 162nd Street, #238, South Holland, IL

Creative Turkey Cuisine is an all-turkey catering company that serves Chicago and its environs. It offers creative, healthy and delicious food — creativity and flavor without the guilt. Its aim is to be the culinary choice for schools, corporations and event planners. It’s the best-tasting, most guilt-free cuisine you’ll ever eat.

HOW $10,000 WILL HELP: “My goal is to open the country’s first all-turkey sports bar and grill,” Atkins says. “A basic restaurant setup can run $150,000, though, so I’m using the $10,000 to establish Creative Turkey Cuisine, the company: insurance, permits, all the legal aspects of serving food to the public. We’re getting the catering business up, and we’ll build from there.”


SHAY ATKINS, a certified and licensed caterer as well as a marketing and sales public-relations consultant, is the founder of Creative Turkey Cuisine, a catering business that serves Chicago and its environs. Sher previously held positions at Nestlé, Pepsico/Frito-Lay and Tropicana.

She later joined the Just Turkey Restaurant team — a group that owns an eatery in Chicago — with the goal of opening an all-turkey sports bar and grill. In August 2010, she launched Creative Turkey Cuisine, the country’s first all-turkey catering company. “The key to our success is to offer outstanding food that is healthy but doesn’t taste like it,” she says.

Atkins has been featured in Black Enterprise and the Chicago Tribune’s Red Eye. She’s a member of the National Restaurant Association. •