Be a Mentor

The Weekend Collection

Founder: Anthony Joiner

1551 New Street, Atlanta, GA

To read a Q&A with The Weekend Collection’s Anthony Joiner about his newest business,, click here.

The Weekend Collection, headquartered in Atlanta, is a company that makes use of group pricing to offer luxury getaways — some for as low as $200, all within a six-hour drive of wherever you live — to its customers. Founded by Anthony Joiner, The Weekend Collection launched in 2010.

HOW MENTORING WILL HELP: “I’m looking forward to having access to a support system as we launch our business,” Joiner says, “exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences, and access to resources within 100 Urban Entrepreneurs. I’m also hoping to identify gaps in my plan, and learn how to fill them. Finally, I’m eager to develop a lasting professional network.”

HOW $10,000 WILL HELP: “The Weekend Collection’s Web site is currently under construction,” Joiner notes. “The grant will aid in paying for development of the site, legal documentation and marketing costs upon launch.”


THE PROFESSIONS in which Anthony Joiner has a specialty — he’s an information-technology consultant with experience as a travel agent — have perfectly prepared him for the entrepreneurial business to which he’s now devoting himself: The Weekend Collection, which puts together affordable luxury getaways for its customers.

How affordable? Some packages start as low as $200 — and they don’t involve unheated cabins or hostels with a shared bathroom down the hall, either. Each package includes a “special activity” upon arrival: skydiving, wine tasting, massages and the like. The Weekend Collection arranges everything, meanwhile, so that no destination is more than several hours’ drive from wherever a customer lives.

“It’s perfect for a quick excursion,” Joiner, 39, says. “You can simply pack your bags and go for a weekend getaway for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a regular weekend trip. The Weekend Collection will revolutionize the way Americans manage their leisure trips.” •